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Updates: download and voting history

17 Feb 2011

I’ve spent the last couple of afternoons Razor‘ing studiostyles — it’s nice to see my views looking a lot cleaner…. but probably doesn’t interest anyone else. What you might find more interesting: the new “historical” details on your user page. When you’re logged in and you click your username (top right), you’ll see a list of the most recent schemes you’ve voted for and downloaded, and there’s a full history if you need it.


I’ve found it quite interesting to look back at all the color schemes I’ve tried out, and as @pandincus pointed out, it’ll be handy when you’re working on more than one computer. Just keep in mind you have to be logged in when you download for the download to be tracked — I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded Jellybeans about 13 times, but 11 of those times I wasn’t logged in. Oh yes, and I have been tracking this info all along, just for this purpose (no, not to sell to Micro$oft). Thank you to those people who encouraged this feature.