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One week old

27 Apr 2010

Just over a week ago I uploaded Studio Styles to my web hosting account, emailed a few people about the new website, and went to bed. I was happy to get the experiment launched, and hoping that someone would find it useful and word would gradually spread.

I woke the next morning to find thousands of people were visiting the site already - creating, downloading, tweeting, emailing and sending in feedback. I was really impressed at the level of interest and the positive response. Thank you to everyone who’s helped get the word out about Studio Styles, especially Scott Hanselman.

To date the website’s had 10,925 unique visitors, which has wildly exceeded my expectations (whatever they were). There are also some really, really ridiculously good-looking themes available now; some old favourites, and heaps of awesome new ones. To me, just the fact that I have easy access to all these great themes makes the work totally worth it. Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a theme and made working in Visual Studio more fun.


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